Friday, May 6, 2016

Pete Bones - Episode 049 - Live Keybar NY April 2016

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Music creation continues to be one of the absolute best relationships between America and the United Kingdom.  The persistent sharing and development has enjoyed many "Ages" of styles.  Pete Bones is an embodiment of that relationship in the dance music genre; he melds music from both worlds with ease.  His particularly affable demeanor shows strongly in his production and DJ work.  We are grateful he shared a taste of his live style; upbeat and varied as only Pete's globe-trotting mind can provide.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Highest stream 512kb

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Track Listing:

1.  Something Special
2.  Muzik Hypnotizes
3.  E to the Power
4.  Don't Give In
5.  Stay - Jay Shepheard
6.  Heat me Up
7.  The Reason
8.  Elmur
9.  Gravity Well -  TR20
10.  Hair Band Drop Out - Jotunheim
11.  Smile

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