Friday, October 28, 2016

Brian Busto - Episode 062 - EarTheater

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 Apple users click here to browse our Podcast on iTunes

Perfect pitch from Brian Busto this week!  A mid-tempo podcast where Brian is showing all the polish of a well-rounded DJ with no a no-holds-barred to style.  The mix has a ridiculously warm and steady groove throughout.  A major accomplishment considering the vibe dances from housey to pure underground to hip-hop and back again.  Serious Soul from the creator himself.  Upfront as always; we are super-proud to present you Episode 062.  Enjoy!

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Track Llisting:

01  Deep Sector - The Drums
02  Bastien Groove - Hadzabe
03  Nima Gorji - Rootdown
04  Prompt - Burning Gang
05  Split Secs - Courduroy City (The Mole Rmx)
06  Stimming - Alpe Lusis (Solomon's Ring-The-Bell Rmx)
07  Just Be - The Good Ole Days (After Dark Mix)
08  RWS - Surprise
09  Kid Who - Memory Map
10  Mr. G - Where I Feel It Most (Mango Boys Red Eye Mix)
11  Rennie Foster ft. Moka Only - Do It Like Hip-Hop (Spilt Milk Rmx)
12  Swaab - Mathematical Symbols (Al Bradley's 3am Deep Mix)
13  Luigi Seija - Twisted Voyage (Brian Busto Rmx)
14  New York Transit Authority - Two Know

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dante Filippelli - Episode 061 - Through the Tangled Touch

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Right out of the gate you will recognize some throwback vibe with a Section 25 - "Looking" sound.  The warm familiarity just goes from there.  Dante's Episode 061 moves adeptly and in waves as any Aazhite has come to love and appreciate.  By the time you reach Noema, you are submersed in a plush, Smiths-esqe vibe yet modern and dancey nonetheless.  As with all good wave machines the mix ends with energy and style.  Headphone listeners beware, this selector has sounds coming from all sides.  Enjoy!

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Track Llisting:
1.  Yayaya (phunktastike remix) - Julian Sanza
2.  Through the yard (Fort Romeau vocal remix) - Kauf
3.   How We Gonna Stop The TIme  (Valique remix) - Kraak/Smaak
4.   We Never Die - Arise
5.   This is You (GIom remix) - Fractales/Newbie Nerdz/Moonwalk
6.   We Have To Work - Arise
7.   Something - Arise
8.   Noema - 12 Tones
9.   Manana - Bufi
10.  Good Touch - Catz N Dogz
11.  Get it Right (Claude VonStroke remix - Catz N Dogz
12.  Save My Soul - Dj WIld
13.  Be (20/20 VIsion remix) - Citizenn
14.  Tangeld Web (Acid Pauli remix) - Damien Lazarus/The Ancient Moons

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Matt Diamante - Episode 060 - The Fourth for Friends

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This set hails from the peak of summertime bliss and hallmarks yet another Downtempo seducer.  One of the best in class is Matt Diamante and his delectable, groovy style. His track selection on any given mix bridges inviting rhythms and polished atmospheres but is always fresh and funky.  Matt does everything from mix to produce and even broadcast.  You can find even more of his work at  Episode 060 is our Farewell to Summer edition; Laws Knows, we been on some kinda break. Enjoy!

Track Listing:
to be announced

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Simon Lovechild - Episode 059 - Sound of London

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Simon continues his march forward from deep inside the heart of England.  His weekly broadcast on can be found every Saturday morning from 7am to 9am EST.  His style continues to meld progressive and deep house with energetic, natural, human elements.  The vibe is always centered on 'fun'.  Through a handful of style changes and bold mixing skill, Simon will have you up and dancing in no time at all.  Enjoy!

Track Listing:
01  Quivver - Response
02  Cid Inc - Sensors
03  Claptone - Heartbeat (Technasia Mix)
04  Unspoken - Layton Giordani
05  Dave Angel - Power
06  David Keno - Moonshine
07  Camel Phat - Make Em Dance
08  Pig and Dan - Oblivion
09  The Enemy - Matador (HS82 Mix)
10  The Enemy - Matador (Julian Jeweil Mix)
11  The Opera Track (Hoxton Whores Mix)
12  Body Rock - Cube (Guys Mix)
13  Dennis Cruz - Plug & Play (Los Suruba Remix)
14  Chicks Luv Us - Electric Obsesssion
15  Christian Hornbostal - Geo Vibes (Metodi Hirstov Mix)
16  Taster Peter - Run All Night
17  Chris Horn - Geo Vibes
18  Affkt - floriankruse fixate
20  Paul C & Paolo Martini - I Believe
21  Coyu & Ramiro Lopez - That's Not Happening (Nicole Moudaber Mix)
22  Cassy Back - Italo (Johnson Mix)
23  Paskal Daze - Legacy
24  Paride Saraceni - Carry You Away
25  Dubspeeka K377 - Unfriended
26  Steve Maulder - 7 Full Funktion Ducati

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jay Skinner - Episode 058 - Immersion

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Consistently voted as Orlando's Favorite DJ, Jay Skinner shows no signs of backing down from the challenge.  Our Episode 058 is his Immersion set and as the name suggest the variety is thick good vibes.  Jay has a great ear for the dance floor atmosphere and his set winds back and forth across deep, funky and exciting tunes.  Its all here and full of new music.  Enjoy!

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Track Listing:
01  Drifting Away 2.0 (Autograf Remix) - Faithless
02  Edge Of Infinity - Camea
03  Flashback - Darlyn Vlys & Westboy
04  Heartless - Olivier Giacomotto & Los Paranos
05  Dirt - Betoko
06  The Velvet Slide - Shiny Objects
07  When They Come - Tube & Berger
08  So Cliche - Matt Lange
09  U Got My Body (Cedric Zeyenne Club Mix) - Nora En Pure
10  Feel Good - Fabio Ricciuti & Qubiko
11  Slip Away (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) - Cari Golden, Bambook & Mennie
12  Future (Hipp-E Remix) - Halo Varga
13  Let It Go - Christoph

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Darin Epsilon - Episode 57 - EarTheater

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Darin Epsilon is coming to Orlando's Sandwich Bar!  Come get in tune with a very slick dance sound; mixed with careful consideration.  A very special post this week on a local level.  The DJ art-form is chock full of people cutting music edges and keeping things fresh.  Darin is a huge music fan and his podcasts are always upfront.  EarTheater supports his efforts and is looking forward to his set this week in Orlando.  Enjoy!

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Track Listing:

01  Helligkeit (Rick Pier O'Neil Rmx) - Subconscious Tales
02  Brisa - Art In Motion
03  Auroroa - JOBE
04  Compressed Love - Circle of Life
05  Back Home - Christopher Ivor
06  Rooms (Lee Van Dowski Remix) - AND.ID
07  Milky Way (DE Edit) - Eimmusik
08  Prazer - Jose M & TacoMan
09  Hope - Boss Axis
10  Plexus (Digweed & Muir Remix) - Monkey Safari
11  Living in Space (Olivier Giacomotto Remix / DE Edit) - Kiko, Dave Davis ft. Phoebe
12  That Vibe (D-Formation & Rixk Pier O'Neil Remix) - Roger Martinez

Saturday, July 9, 2016

EarTheater - Episode 56 - Live Inner Ear Event Pt2

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Dont just support latenight music, demand it.  Dance-able, collect-able and undeniable, Part 2 of the Inner Ear Event will make you crave all things after 3am.  In this set, residents Hunt, Hession and Tennant deliver underground devotion in a live music selection with global style.  Two hours of rhythms and sounds that challenge you to keep an open mind and  reward you for every minute you pay attention.  Enjoy!

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Track Listing:

to be announced

Saturday, July 2, 2016

EarTheater - Episode 55 - Live Inner Ear Event

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EarTheater is moving forward with frequent live events in Florida!  We could not be happier than to start this relationship with Sandwich Bar right here in Orlando.  This mix represents the opening sets of the night by Chris Tennant, John Hession and Mark E Hunt; in that order.  This was just the beginning of our devotion to the Deepest House nights in town.  Enjoy Part One as you embark on your weekend of music and watch for part two next week.

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Track Listing:

to be announced

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

John Hession - Episode 054 - EarTheater

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Episode 54 finds John Hession in the deepest house set yet on our Podcast.  There are funky overtones, melodic vocal segways and strong resonating energy to be found throughout the mix.  The tracks blend almost seamlessly as we have come to expect from John.  If this is any indication of his upcoming set with other EarTheater DJs on Friday June 24th at Sandwich Bar in Orlando, you better get there early.  It will get deep fast.

Highest stream 512kb

Alternate Birates: (64 - M4A)  (128 - M4A)  (256 - M4A)  (320 - MP3)

Track Listing:
1. Chrysk - Closer - Original Mix
2. Jay Haze, Marco Tegui - Hazey Night - Original Mix
3. D.M.P. - Distance - Addex Remix
4. Sotela & Javier Portila -Your Eyes - King Unique Remix
5. Crack-D - Waiting - Original Mix
6. Quivver - Takin Over - Original Mix
7. Stephen J. Kroos - Pluviophile - Subsky Remix
8. Maribou State - Rituals - Sasha’s House Mix
9. Bastian Bux - Synera - Original Mix
10. Solomon Grey - Twilight - John Monkman Remix

Saturday, June 4, 2016

John Berry - Episode 053 - EarTheater

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Do yourself a favor and grab headphones for your jog or bike ride or whatever you do.  John Berry has always reigned in a great selection of deep tracks.  But this mix-set he shows off his greatest asset; ears, finely-tuned to excellent production sounds.  Upfront vocals give way to almost trance vibe later. All mixed for a captivating hour of entertainment.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Track Listing:
01  Minako & the Lovebirds - Delusions (Larse Mix)
02  Kinky Movement - Your Love (Original Mix)
03  CamelPhat - Chloe's Theme (Original Mix)
04  Frank Wiedemann - Moorthon II (Original Mix)
05  Hardcopy - Wanna See Ya Move (Luca Debonaire Club Mix)
06  The Revenge - Conkers (Original Mix)
07  DAVI- Metropolis (Original Mix)
08  Brian Cid - Aurora (Original Mix)
09  Reverso & Andrea Falsone - I Refuse (Original Mix)
10  Dilby - Sneaky One (Original Mix)
11  D-Formation - Bandu (Original Mix)
12  Christopher Cross, Joey Negro - Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)
13  Mat.Joe - Heart To Find

Friday, May 27, 2016

Dante Filippelli - Episode 052 - Black Love Pitch

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Even the underground has an underground DJ.  Dante always brings a refreshing sound and style to our blog that is both unique and invigorating.  In Black Love Pitch his passion for real instrument sounds never stops.  There are plenty of acid lines and progressive pads peppered in the mix, but a solid upbeat and disco vibe is present all the way to the end.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Highest stream 512kb

Alternate Birates: (64 - M4A)  (128 - M4A)  (256 - M4A)  (320 - MP3)

Track Listing:

1.  Freedom Dove - Baijka/Autodeep (Ripperton Remix)
2.  Love Affair - Toby Tobias (I-cube Remix)
3.  English Rose - Jimpster
4.  Black Pitch - Spirit Catcher
5.  Gone Too Long - Him Self Her
6.  Azzurro - Yotto
7.  Closer - Spirit Catcher
8.  Cosmoattack - Bufi
9.  Sad Robot - Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur
10  Believe - Fred Everything (GIOM Dub)
11. Night Strong - Giom
12. We Move - Freaks
13. Will Be MIne - Manuel Tur (Alexander East & Ian Pooley)
14. Turn Around - Inland Knights
15  Stay - Catz n Dogs (Jay Shepherd Mix)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mathew Scot - Episode 051 - Live Sandwich Bar April Fools

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Mathew Scot spends most nights at his very own Sandwich Bar in Orlando Florida.  While his club continues its trek towards infamy, his DJing grows in its own right.  He has evolved to move boldly between songs and styles.  This 16 track / 1 hour set works hard to weave fun dance rhythms with deep and progressive lines.  With a heavy hand in house and a drive to always bring new releases to the crowd, this Episode is right up our music alley.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Highest stream 512kb

Alternate Birates: (64 - M4A)  (128 - M4A)  (256 - M4A)  (320 - MP3)

Track Listing:

1  Carlos A, Oliver-K - Inner (Original Mix)
2  Vini Arth - Personalidade Da Sua Mente (Ishimaru Live Remix)
3  Metodi Hristov - Set About (Original Mix)
4  The Deepshakerz, Roter & Lewis - Give It Up (Metodi Hristov Remix)
5  David Keno - Moonshine (original mix)
6  Juan Lombardo - Tribute (Original Mix)
7  Luis Leon - Love Is A Lie (Nikolas Noam Remix)
8  Oxia - Unity (Up Mix)
9  Full Intention - Just Go Back (Full Intention Original Mix)
10  Ronnie Spiteri - Darkness (Original Mix)
11  Raul Facio - Infinite (Original Mix)
12  Cyberx - Hypnose (Konstantin Yoodza Remix)
13  Leftwing, Kody - Keep Moving (Original Mix)
14  John Creamer, Stephane K - Forget the World (Carlos Manaca Remix)
15  The Deepshakerz, Roter & Lewis - Give It Up (Metodi Hristov Remix)
16  Salski - My Way (Original Mix)