Saturday, October 3, 2015

Villo Zkhyzo - Episode 035 - Deeper Into Space p2

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This weekend EarTheater finishes what we started!  This week's set is part two of Villo's Deeper Into Space.  The set takes a decidedly dancer turn and brings even more music style to the beat.  Upfront and in your face rhythms give way to relentless dance grooves.  This set takes EarTheater listeners in a new and rare direction from our previous posts.  Music can be the spice of life if you just let it, enjoy!

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Track Listing:

01.  Grammatik - Expect Us
02.  Seinabo Sey - Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix)
03.  Grizmatik - My People
04.  Ex Mag + Branx - The Embryo
05.  Grizmatik - Digital Liberation is My Freedom
06.  Grizmatik - Pardon My French
07.  Griz - Gettin' Live
08.  Adventure Club - Do I See Color (Big Gigantic Remix)
09.  Gramatik - You Don't Understand
10.  EX Mag - Give it to Me Right
11.  Griz - Get Down
12.  Sasha - Mr. Tiddles (Constantly Moving Frames Remix)


  1. This is THE set necessary to get people past their Hulaween hangover. Thank you so much for putting this together!!! I LOVE these tracks!!!

    1. Sorry your message was overlooked for so long. We are grateful for your support. Earphoria is at hand!